I never know what to write in this section.

Often I’ll spew out a list of labels that sufficiently describe me: introvert, INFJ, third culture kid, feminist, etc. But that doesn’t say much about this blog, does it?

Ugly Duckling started out when I came to Yogyakarta for my internship and “travelled” for the first time on my own. But it’s not a travel blog because I don’t travel that often and I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just one topic.

I suppose it’s more of a personal blog, inspired by the olden days of Xanga and Blogger. It’s my attempt, as an introvert, to engage more with world instead of always seeking comfort inside my head…

Okay, that still sounds really vague, but I’m afraid I can’t do any better. Stick it out in the long run and maybe you’ll get a glimpse into my person.


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